Use Our Data

As a National Capability funded by the BBSRC, the data collected on the Farm Platform are made publicly available.

The Farm Platform provides three farming systems in farmlets, each consisting of five component catchments comprising approx. 21 ha in total per farmlet. Each farmlet is managed using alternative approaches to livestock production from grassland and measurements on water, air and soil are also recorded. Much of this data has a high (15 min) temporal resolution, such as water flow and water chemistry data measured at a flume for each of the 15 catchments, which can comprise either single or multiple fields.

For detailed information on the Farm Platform data collections and guides to their use please return to the main North Wyke Farm Platform website.

!! New !! Eddy Covariance Green House Gas Dataset has been released for 2017 & 2018 on 09/10/2020. The user guide for this data is now available for download. Please check the latest -- Changes from the previous version --